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Integrate Technology
Into Your Home and Lifestyle

Get expert advice and professional installation on the best smart home products


The technology in your home 

should make life simpler... not more complicated!

  • You're confused about what products to buy and how they work together
  • You’ve got wires and cables everywhere and you're overwhelmed about how to clean things up
  • You’ve got five remotes to control one TV and still can't get Netflix to work all the time
  • You’ve tried to set things up on your own but found it’s not as easy as advertised
  • Your WiFi only works in parts of the house and slows to a crawl when everyone gets online
  • You'd like to control and monitor your home when away but your current tech doesn't support it

You Can Live Simpler

With Technology

  • Reduce stress and frustration with smart tech in your home
  • Create a space designed for quality time with the family
  • Have a home that's safer, more convenient, and more entertaining
  • Get expert advice and professional installation
At Integrated we know that you want to integrate technology into your home and lifestyle. In order to do that, you need smart home tech that's going to live up to its promise. The problem is a lot of smart home can be confusing to purchase, and hard to set up which makes you feel frustrated. We believe the technology in your home should make life simpler, not more complicated. We understand life is busy, and you want less stress not more, which is why we provide expert advice, professional installation, and continued support for your smart home

Work with Integrated

Get control over your tech

Book A Consult

We come to you and create a custom plan from our curated list of the best in smart home.

Professional Installation

Choose a day that works best for you and we come get everything installed and setup.

Enjoy Your Tech

We teach you how to get the most from your new tech and are only a phone call away if you need help.


Affordable and easy upgrades that pack the most features into a single device

When choosing the best smart home upgrades, we know it's important to not waste time and money on devices that don't live up to their promises.

With all the advice coming in from friends, family, and internet sources it's easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start.

You can't go wrong by choosing any of the products in this guide. We've picked the top categories and devices that pack the most features into a single affordable and easy to use device.

" Integrated Electronics did not disappoint. Glad to have found these guys! Would heartily recommend."

Kyle Scotland

"High quality, excellent service. Very professional. More importantly than the initial installation is the continued customer support."

Petrina Causer

"Excellent work, on time and on budget. Easy to work with and made everything easy to use for us. "

John P.

Nest Thermostat
$449 installed

Ring Video Doorbell Pro
$499 installed

August Smart Lock
$599 installed